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If you would like to email me then please do so at: If you are under 16 then please get your parents’ permission first. Or you can write to me at the following addresses:

You can write to me at Puffin:

Linda Chapman
c/o Puffin Marketing
80 Strand

The letters all get sent on to me by Puffin and I do try and reply to all of them but it can take two or three months. If you want a reply do make sure you write your address clearly on the letter even if you have written to me before. I feel awful when I can’t write back because I haven’t got someone’s address.

If you would like to write to me about Star Friends then please use this address:

Linda Chapman
c/o Stripes Publicity
The Coda Centre Munster Road,
London SW6 6AW

If you are a teacher, librarian or bookseller and would like to contact me or arrange a visit then you can email me at or contact Authors Aloud ( who arrange all my visits.

Linda Chapman Events

Having written over 260 books, including writing on best-selling series such as Rainbow Magic, Unicorn Academy and Animal Ark and having originally trained as a primary school teacher, I am passionate about encouraging reading and writing and have a huge amount of experience running author events with pupils in Key Stages One and Two.

My school events are highly interactive. In my sessions, which are usually for 20-100 children and last 40-60 minutes depending on the age of the group, I explore where ideas come from, read short extracts from my books, help pupils to create characters and storylines as a group and encourage lots of questions! If a school has specific requirements from an event e.g. wanting to concentrate on an area of the National Curriculum such as creating character, setting or plot then sessions can easily be adapted to accommodate this. I am happy to sign books afterwards and chat to children on an individual basis. The signing session usually takes about 30 minutes and often schools run this during break/lunch.

I am also happy to meet with smaller groups such as the school magazine club, creative writing club or other groups that teachers feel would particularly benefit from more individual attention.

Polly Bennett, ex Deputy Head of Junior School, Ratcliffe College writes:

A huge thank you for coming into school and speaking to us. ALL the children have spoken about since is Sophie and the Shadow Woods and the next book they are going to read! They absolutely loved every minute of the talk and meeting you! I think we now have 130 budding authors!

Useful Information

Numbers of children: maximum about 120 per session.

Requirements: a large space, a table at the front, a flipchart or white board.

Contact: events can be organised through Authors Aloud. For further information please go to their website